Recordings of all of the proceedings of the Mid-Term Executive Committee Meeting along with commentary from the live stream will be available to download from this page within 24 hours of the end of each session. Please note that these files will be several hours long; chapter marks will be embedded to aid navigation on supported devices.

A podcast feed of all content on this page can be found by searching for "ICEB General Assemblies and Mid-Terms" in many podcast clients. The direct URL to the RSS feed is: Alternatively, you can use this link to access the podcast via Apple Podcasts.

Mid-Term Executive Committee Meeting 2022

Introduction to the Coverage 2022

Presented by Matthew Horspool

Duration: 00:03:44

A short introduction to the coverage.

Download Introduction to the Coverage 2022

Archives of Day 1

Presented by Matthew Horspool and Natalina Martiniello

Duration: 03:57:00

Includes welcomes, Keynote Speech, Introduction of Delegates and Observers, procedural matters, In Memoriam, Treasurer's Report, Bylaws Report and Research Report.

For a high quality video version of the guide to Quebec, please follow this link to watch it on Youtube.

Download Archives of Day 1

Archives of Day 2

Presented by Matthew Horspool, Kim Kilpatrick and Ashley Shaw

Duration: 03:58:50

Includes the Public Relations Committee Report, discussions about independent efforts to create new braille codes, digitising hard copy braille music, the Music Braille Committee Report and the DAISY Music Braille Project.

Download Archives of Day 2

Archives of Day 3

Presented by Matthew Horspool and Jen Goulden

Duration: 04:17:41

Includes a presentation from Philippa Campsie based on her article, Charles Barbier: A Hidden Story, and discussions about code maintenance.

Download Archives of Day 3

Archives of Day 4

Presented by Matthew Horspool and Jen Goulden

Duration: 03:57:40

Includes reports and discussions from the Braille Technology Committee and the UEB Technical Committee.

Download Archives of Day 4

Archives of Day 5

Presented by Matthew Horspool, Jen Goulden and Natalina Martiniello

Duration: 03:43:12

Includes a review of the 2020 resolutions, country reports, a discussion about ICEB archives, looking forward to the eighth General Assembly in 2024, closing comments, thank-yous and farewells.

Download Archives of Day 5

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